What is NCD Alliance Japan?

NCD Alliance Japan is a collaborative platform for civil society organizations in the NCD community, steered by the Health and Global Policy Institute, aiming to further promote comprehensive, cross-cutting NCD policies.
NCD Alliance Japan has served since 2013 as Japan’s point-of-contact for the NCD Alliance, a collaborative platform bringing together over 2000 civil society organizations/academic institutions in more than 170 countries and we have been officially recognized as a full member of the NCD Alliance since January 17, 2019

By bringing together multi-stakeholders from both inside and outside Japan, including leaders of lived experience, members of industry, government officials, academia, and civil society, NCD Alliance Japan is working to support the development of lived experience leadership as well as policy-making which reflects and elevates its voice. NCD Alliance Japan also aims to contribute to problem-solving in the NCD space by monitoring trends both at home and abroad and actively sharing Japan’s insights with the world.

Steering Body : Health and Global Policy Institute

Our Action

NCD Alliance Japan will continue to expand upon the following activities, aiming to further promote comprehensive, cross-cutting NCD policies as a collaborative platform uniting multi-stakeholders from industry, government, academia, and civil society, including individuals living with and affected by NCDs in Japan.

Generating Policy Recommendations

Designating the issues which require a patient-centered approach, introducing best practices from both inside and outside Japan, and formulating policy proposals to address the common issues which cut across NCDs
Supporting Individuals Affected by NCDs

Supporting Individuals Affected by NCDs

・Creating opportunities for interaction among individuals with lived experience which transcend therapeutic areas
・Supporting capacity-building by strengthening the policy-making and leadership skills of affected individuals
・Supporting the participation of affected individuals in government-organized advisory boards and committees related to health policy

Conducting Research

・Gathering best-practices relevant to co-created policy developments and decision-making
・Crystalizing and communicating the issues crucial for implementation and dissemination of person-centered NCD policies
・Conducting Public Opinion Surveys

In efforts to raise the Japanese public’s awareness of NCDs, NCD Alliance Japan will also continue to promote best practices for NCD prevention and control as well as international collaboration through the NCD Alliance Japan website and through utilization of social-networking services (SNS).


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