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NCD Alliance Japan Membership Application

NCD Alliance Japan is looking for patients, families, and care givers to support and collaborate with our cause

If you are a person living with NCDs (PLWNCDs) or a family member or caregiver for a PLWNDs and would like to join the Alliance, please refer to the following information and contact us using the form below. The secretariat will contact you after you have registered.

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The Alliance’s Purpose and Objectives

The Alliance aims to build a platform where members can collaborate and learn from each other regardless of disease, work together to implement policies based on the voices of patients, and to conduct policy advocacy activities and disseminate evidence-based information.

Membership Requirements

PLWNCDs, their family members, and caregivers who support the objectives and activities of the Alliance are eligible to join (membership in a patient organization is not required).

What the NCD Alliance Offers its Members

Participation in any of the following activities is voluntary, and members are encouraged to choose activities that fit their interests.

1. Gathering and Elevating Patient Voices

Since its establishment in 2004, NCD Alliance Japan’s governing body, the Health and Global Policy Institute (HGPI), has been engaged in policy advocacy activities through collaboration with a wide range of stakeholders in industry, government, academia, and the private sector in Japan and abroad. HGPI’s mission is to bring citizen-centered healthcare policy to fruition. The Alliance will build on its past achievements by gathering the voices of PLWNCDs through discussions with a variety of stakeholders and collect evidence through surveys and research to advise policy proposals.

■ Elevate patient voices by participating in NCD Alliance Japan and HGPI’s qualitative and quantitative studies.
・Respond to questionnaires
・Participate in interviews
・Cooperate in the formulation of surveys

■ Have discussions with stakeholders from industry, government, academia, and the private sector at events held by NCD Alliance Japan and HGPI.

2. Support for Understanding Policy and Advocacy Capacity Building

■ Participate in seminars and study groups on healthcare policy.
■ Participate in “Our Views, Our Voices,” a workshop for PLWNCDs.
■ Participate in educational programs for PLWNCDs organized by NCD Alliance NCD.
■ Participate as a special student in HGPI’s educational program, the Health Policy Academy (limited spaces available).

3. Networking

NCD Alliance Japan provides a place where PLWNCDs can interact and learn from each other’s policy knowledge and leadership regardless of disease. We aim to create an alliance that will lead to the improvement and optimization of NCDs measures and the healthcare system as a whole by promoting mutual understanding regardless of disease.
■ Interact with patients living with various NCDs through seminars, workshops, and study groups.
■ Participate in discussions and share information with stakeholders from industry, government, academia, and the private sector in Japan and abroad.
■ Interact with overseas non-profit organizations and patient groups such as the NCD Alliance.

Admission and Membership Fees

■ Free of charge

Cancellation and Withdrawal of Membership

■ Please contact the secretariat if you wish to cancel your membership.
■ The secretariat may ask you to withdraw your membership if any activities are found to be incompatible with the purpose of objectives of the Alliance.