[Event Report] HGPI Special Seminar “How can patients and the public participate meaningfully in health policymaking?” (May 23, 2023)

This special HGPI seminar was hosted by Health and Global Policy Institute and The Health Policy Partnership, a UK-based health policy think-tank.

Citizen participation in healthcare policymaking can increase trust among patients and the public, help build capacity among the people participating and improve the quality and appropriateness of decision-making. As citizen involvement in policymaking is becoming more common, we need to ensure this participation is genuine and valued as much as other kinds of evidence.

The webinar provided an opportunity to learn about what is needed to ensure patients and the public can feed into policy design in a meaningful way. Patient advocates and experts in policy discussed the importance of involving patients and the public in health policymaking, lessons learnt from successful engagement in Japan and Europe, and the opportunities for participatory policy development offered by the digitisation of healthcare.

We were joined by patient advocates and policy experts, Shinsuke Amano (Group Nexus Japan), Penilla Gunther (FOKUS Patient) and Ryoji Noritake (HGPI). The webinar featured live two-way translation between Japanese and English.

The recording is available at the HPP website for English, and here for Japanese version.

*Due to technical reasons, there may be some unclear or hard-to-understand parts in the video and audio. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.


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