Global Forum: Commemorating the Renewal of NCD Alliance Japan “Improving Healthcare Environments Together with People Living with or Affected by NCDs ~ Driving Social Change through Lived Experience Engagement~”

Recent Trends Related to Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs)

NCDs such as cardiovascular diseases (CVDs), cancers, diabetes, chronic respiratory diseases, as well as mental and neurological disorders have become the leading cause of death worldwide. According to WHO statistics, 39.5 million people died in 2015 due to NCDs, comprising approximately 70% of all causes of mortality. The crucial significance of the fight against NCDs is reflected in Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 3: Target 3.4—”Reduce by one third premature mortality from non-communicable diseases through prevention and treatment by 2030,” and efforts to scale-up the prevention and control of NCDs are globally gaining momentum.

What is NCD Alliance Japan*1?

NCD Alliance Japan has served since 2013 as Japan’s point-of-contact for the NCD Alliance*2, a collaborative platform for civil society organizations in the NCD community. The Alliance provides a level playing field for multi-stakeholder discussion, disseminating both at home and abroad the vital role played by civil society in the fight against NCDs. To further advance comprehensive, cross-cutting NCD measures, the decision was made in October 2019 to renew NCD Alliance Japan and to reinitiate its activities. By bringing together multi-stakeholders from both inside and outside Japan, including leaders of lived experience, members of industry, government officials, academia, and civil society, NCD Alliance Japan is working to support the development of lived experience leadership as well as policy-making which reflects and elevates its voice. NCD Alliance Japan also aims to contribute to problem-solving in the NCD space by monitoring trends both at home and abroad and actively sharing Japan’s insights with the world.

*1 NCD Alliance Japan is granted permission to use the word “NCD” by National Clinical Database.
*2 NCD Alliance: A collaborative platform bringing together over 2000 civil society organizations/academic institutions in more than 170 countries. HGPI has been officially recognized as a full member of the NCD Alliance since January 17, 2019.


Forum Overview: Improving Healthcare Environments Together with People Living with or Affected by NCDs
~ Driving Social Change through Lived Experience Engagement ~

This forum will introduce both the aim of NCD Alliance Japan as well as global, collaborative civil society initiatives being undertaken by the NCD Alliance. In addition, a panel discussion will be held to identify shared challenges from personal stories of lived experience as well as patient organization activities and to consider how each stakeholder, including people living with or affected by NCDs, can drive social change. Based on best practices for patient engagement from both inside and outside Japan, discussion will also address how best to proceed with various stakeholders in the policy-making/dissemination arena as well as future visions for lived experience engagement. To improve not only healthcare environments but also society, we hope to see this forum bring together various stakeholders and to encourage unity. We look forward to your attendance at this forum commemorating the renewal of NCD Alliance Japan.

Date & Time: Wednesday, November 13, 2019, 14:00-17:00
       (Doors open: 13:30) (Reception: 17:00-18:30)

Venue: Gakushikaikan Room202  (3-28 Kandanishiki-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)

Organizer: NCD Alliance Japan / Health and Global Policy Institute (HGPI)


NCD patient and peer support organizations, relevant members of academia, relevant ministry officials, lawmakers, and members of Industry

(approx. 100 participants total)

If able to attend, please register online, on or before Wednesday, November 6th at

Program: (Titles omitted / In no particular order) *Details subject to change **Simultaneous translation will be provided

13:30 Doors Open

14:00-14:05 Welcoming Remarks
Kiyoshi Kurokawa (Chairman, HGPI)

14:05-14:25 Explanatory Introduction: “Activities and Vision for NCD Alliance Japan”
Hiroko Nishimoto (Manager, HGPI / Secretariat, NCD Alliance Japan)

14:25-15:40 Keynote Address: “Envisioning the Improvement of Healthcare Environments Together with People Living with or Affected by NCDs”
Takeshi Shukunobe (President and CEO, PPeCC)

14:40-15:00 Special Address: “Global Trends in the Fight against NCDs and Meaningful Involvement of People Living with or Affected by NCDs at all levels and across sectors” (TBC)
Katie Dain (Chief Executive Officer, NCD Alliance)

15:10-15:55 Panel Discussion 1:
“Driving Social Change with My Story ~ Trends and Challenges in the Improvement of Health Environments”

Haruka Ikezaki (Representative, Nanbyo NET.RDing Fukuoka)
Mitsuhide Sano (Board Member and Executive Director, NPO J-BREATH)
Yohei Nishiguchi (Chairman, Cancer Parents)
Hiroyuki Kawakatsu (Board Member, The Japan Stroke Association)

Hiroki Takeda (Board Member, PPeCC)
Yuko Imamura (Senior Associate, HGPI / Secretariat, NCD Alliance Japan)

16:00-16:45 Panel Discussion 2
“Driving Social Change by Uniting Multistakeholders ~ Trends and Challenges in the Promotion of Patient Engagement”

Mieko Hasegawa (Representative Organizer, Patient Voice)
Yasuharu Tokuda (Vice-Representative, Choosing Wisely Japan)
Katie Dain (Chief Executive Officer, NCD Alliance)
Sara Martin(Lead International Oncology Policy at Bristol-Myers Squibb/All.Can Initiative        Representative)

Hiroko Nishimoto (Manager, HGPI / Secretariat, NCD Alliance Japan)

16:50-17:00 Commemorative Photoshoot

17:00- Reception

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