[Registration Closed] (Webinar) The 85th HGPI Seminar –The Characteristics and Current Situation of Decision-Making in Healthcare(May 22, 2020)

In the past, people receiving healthcare would follow the treatment plans set out by their doctors without question, even when they were not given sufficient explanations. With the advance of the information society and growing awareness towards the decision-making rights of people receiving healthcare in recent years, we are now transitioning to an era that emphasizes the Shared Decision Making (SDM) model. In this model, people receiving healthcare and medical staff decide the direction of care together after engaging in sufficient communication to provide the people receiving care and others most affected with ample information.

However, decision making in healthcare has characteristics that are not present in decision making in various other fields. Various factors must be taken into account, like the psychological states of the people receiving healthcare and others most affected and information asymmetry between those parties and medical staff. Decisions concerning treatment plans can have profound effects on a person’s life or their daily living everyday thereafter. It can be difficult for people receiving healthcare and medical staff to collaborate and reach consensus, and many people on both sides of healthcare recognize this as a problem.

To promote countermeasures against non-communicable diseases (NCDs) such as cardiovascular diseases (CVDs), cancers, diabetes, chronic respiratory diseases, and mental and neurological disorders, Health and Global Policy Institute (HGPI) has been operating NCD Alliance Japan as a collaborative platform bringing together multi-stakeholders involved with NCDs from industry, government, academia, and civil society including people living with and affected by NCDs to formulate policy proposals, provide support for people living with or affected by NCDs, and conduct surveys and research.

Cooperation between medical staff, people receiving healthcare, and others most affected in clinical settings is an issue that affects various diseases. In FY2020, as part of the aforementioned efforts of NCD Alliance Japan, we plan to formulate and publicize a policy proposal for promoting said cooperation that will identify issues that require concentrated efforts from the perspectives of people receiving healthcare and others most affected as well as provide solutions to those issues.

In light of the above, the next HGPI Seminar will feature a lecture from Dr. Seiji Bito. While serving on the front lines of the clinical field at Tokyo Medical Center, where he provides medical examinations, Dr. Bito is actively engaged with the themes of decision making in healthcare and communication between medical staff, people receiving healthcare, and others most affected through various publications and presentations.
Together with everyone in the audience, we would like this to be an opportunity to deepen our understanding of decision making in healthcare.

Dr. Seiji Bito (Director, Clinical Training Department, National Hospital Organization Tokyo Medical Center)

■ Date & Time
Friday, May 22, 12:30-13:45

■ Venue
Zoom Webinar
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■ Profile
Dr. Seiji Bito
Born in Aichi Prefecture in 1965. After graduating from Gifu University in 1990, he worked at the National Nagasaki Central Hospital, the National Tokyo Second Hospital, the National Sado Sanatorium, and the UCLA School of Public Health before assuming his current position. Aside from engaging in clinical practices as a general physician to help members of his community with general health problems, he is also active in resident education and serves on a medical ethics support team. His fields of research include clinical ethics, decision support, the relationships between people receiving healthcare and medical staff, and communication in healthcare. Behind the scenes, he serves as the vocalist for rock band Haloperidolls. He can be found at bitoseiji on Facebook and Twitter, or on his website “The Body and Mind that Do Not Function Well” at

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