[Registration Closed] The 82nd Breakfast Meeting – Changes in public consciousness desired by people receiving healthcare in the era of public participation in healthcare (December 6, 2019)

Driven by the development of the information society and heightened awareness for the rights of people receiving healthcare in recent years, healthcare transitioning away from the previous system of doctor-led healthcare in which people receiving healthcare were expected to follow the course of treatment set out for them without sufficient explanation. In the new era, communication between doctors and those receiving healthcare is emphasized and the right of self-determination for those receiving healthcare is respected.

Furthermore, efforts to manage and use healthcare data will advance to the point people receiving healthcare will have one-stop access to information on healthcare, medical care, and long-term care spanning the entire lifetime that they will then be able to utilize to direct treatment.

This will enhance people’s ability to think independently about care received beyond what was previously possible, and cooperation with doctors will grow more important.
Also, in recent years, opportunities for members of the public to participate in the policy creation and implementation process have increased in Japan through their inclusion on deliberation councils, investigative committees, and similar bodies in government at both the national and local levels.
The role expected of people receiving healthcare will continue to evolve.
Based on these circumstances, the 82nd Breakfast Meeting will feature a lecture from Ms. Ikuko Yamaguchi, Chief Director of Consumer Organization for Medicine and Law (COML),

COML is an NPO that works to enable people receiving healthcare to become self-reliant and develop the skills necessary to participate in healthcare independently.
Rather than create relationships in which people receiving healthcare are in opposition to healthcare providers, COML aims to realize cooperative healthcare through its diverse activities such as evaluating healthcare facilities from the perspective of those receiving healthcare with its hospital examination team, training people to simulate the role of patient that can participate in medical education, and providing telephone consultations to people receiving healthcare and their family members.

Based on the knowledge and experience gained through these activities, Ms. Yamaguchi will review the history of efforts to promote civil society participation in healthcare, share future prospects, and discuss the changes in the public consciousness that people receiving healthcare desire.
Together with everyone in the audience, we would like to deepen our understanding of these topics.

Ms. Ikuko Yamaguchi

■ Date & Time
Friday, December 6, 8:00-9:15

■ Venue
EGG JAPAN (10th Floor, Shin-Marunouchi Building, 1-5-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)

■ Participation Fee
・General: 2,500 JPN Yen
・Students (undergraduate only): 1,500 JPN Yen (student ID required)
* HGPI Individual Supporting Members: Free

■ Profile
Ms. Ikuko Yamaguchi 
Ms. Yamaguchi is Chief Director of Consumer Organization for Medicine and Law (COML), an approved specified nonprofit organization. With her own experiences as a patient, Ms. Yamaguchi joined COML in 1992 and became the chief director in2011. Ms. Yamaguchi is responsible for all the activities of the organization, which aims to help ordinary people exert greater control over their health care and to help create better patient-doctor relations through better communication. One of the main activities of COML is to provide counseling over the telephone. In addition, Ms. Yamaguchi gives lectures and workshops for both citizens and healthcare professionals. She also takes part in meetings of medical institutions as well as local and central government councils.

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