What is NCD Alliance Japan?

With the support of NCD Alliance, NCD Alliance Japan is positioned to gather NCDs stakeholders in Japan on a same platform that aims to combat NCDs epidemic. At the same time, NCD Alliance Japan is committed in building an effective healthcare system in correspondent to the pressed needs of the society.

NCD Alliance Japan

1) Driving the policy making for chronic NCDs comorbidities
The current healthcare system in Japan has different policies for health interventions of different diseases. As we can see the chronic NCDs are often comorbidities with one another (e.g. COPD and DM), uniting these different healthcare policies into one public health policy become strategically important to address the series of NCDs challenge as a whole, has become a pressing need. NCD Alliance Japan determined to set the movement of establishing the new public policy for chronic NCDs epidemic through facilitating round table discussions with relevant multi-stakeholders.
2) Facilitating the partnership of relevant NCDs multi-stakeholders
A liaison of relevant multi-stakeholders of NCDs is nevertheless important; however the truth is we do not have enough stable platforms that allow collections of public opinions and agreement at present. NCD Alliance Japan is committed to build an effective network to provide a sustainable platform to gather public opinions for innovative and practical solutions by strengthening the partnership of the chronic NCDs multi-stakeholders in Japan.
3) Constructing an effective healthcare system
NCD Alliance Japan is committed to promote an advanced healthcare system. As the cost of social security spent on NCD has become a huge burden for both in Japan and overseas, there is a need to remodel the healthcare network that allows delivery of healthcare service from a distance using electronic information and technology is desired. By building the common platform for chronic NCDs, it is expected to set a driving force for the development of a more efficient and innovative healthcare system.
4) Transmitting Japan’s experience to the world
Japan is a developed nation with an aging population. We believe that Japan’s measures to deal with the NCD epidemic can be put to even greater use to tackle the growing global NCD epidemic issue that accompanied with the aging populations. NCD Alliance Japan is committed to actively transfer the domestic experience to global use experiences, in hope for an even greater use to combat the growing global NCD epidemic.

What is NCD Alliance?

NCD Alliance is founded in 2009 by four International alliances

  • International Diabetes Federation
  • Union for International Cancer Control
  • World Heart Federation
  • International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease

The NCD Alliance unites a network of over 2,000 civil society organizations in more than 170 countries, as a global partnership to combat to produce the latest policy work on NCD, in aim to promote possible prevention of morbidity and mortality that accompanied with NCDs. The long termed goals of NCD Alliance are:

  • 1) NCD / disease national plans for all
  • 2) A tobacco free world
  • 3) Improved lifestyles
  • 4) Strengthened health systems
  • 5) Global access to affordable and good quality medicines and technologies
  • 6) Human rights for people with NCDs

The NCD Alliance uses targeted advocacy and outreach to ensure that NCDs are recognized as a major cause of poverty, a barrier to economic development and a global emergency. This is done by working with a wide range of partners and organizations, speaking with a united voice at international meetings, mobilizing the 2000 organizations on our network, producing the latest policy work on NCDs and building the evidence base, convening expert working groups on a range of topics, and pressing governments to recognize that NCDs are a global development priority requiring an urgent response.

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Steering body

Health and Global Policy Institute


Since establishment, Health and Global Policy Institute has been working to help citizens shape health policies by generating policy options, and to bring stakeholders together as a non-partisan think-tank, as is stipulated in the mission statement. One of the Institute’s guiding principles is independence, not to be restricted by interests of any organization or political party. The Institute will continue to maintain political neutrality and independence from any organization in conducting its activities.

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