Visit to NCD Alliance in London:


On April 2nd, Ms. Mariko Oyamada, NCD Alliance Japan representative from HGPI, visited NCD Alliance’s London office and hold a meeting with Katie Dain, Executive Director and Jessica Beagley, Policy Research Officer. Aim of the meeting was to share ongoing activities, future goals and to discuss possibility of further corporation.

(Left: Jessica Beagley, Right:Katie Dain)

NCD Alliance is committed to activities utilizing global and local level networks. It aims integration and unification of NCD strategies to be transmitted to the world through international conferences, creating professional working groups, policy recommendation and advocacy campaigns with corroboration of multiple NCD stakeholders.

Up until now, there are about 25 National NCD Alliance including Japan branch four NCD Alliance regional offices.

Please refer to the list of National NCD Alliance and Regional NCD Alliance from here

NCD Alliance Japan aims to strengthen the relationships among multiple countries and to achieve further progress.

*The content of the meeting will be summarized and available from Website soon.

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